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of change".

"Be you the




Who is Leandro Neves?

Advertising for more than 20 years, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer Graduated from Escola Panamericana de Artes (SP), MBA in Marketing Management and Integrated Communication, Specialist in Digital Marketing from (FGV), currently Marketing Manager at Multinational in Agribusiness , Writer, father of Murilo and Mariana, husband of Maressa Neves.

How is the book defined?

An autobiography by Leandro Neves, telling his story as an entrepreneur in the advertising sector.

Real stories and facts from the beginning of your business, ideas and insights for those who want to undertake,

episodes told with often comical and even emotional details that occurred at the time ofbigger

growth, the pain of losing the business, identifying the reasons that led to the end, and finally the restart.

What should I expect from the book?


"Don't wait to be ready to start undertaking".

*Excerpt from the book, p. 97

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“I had no idea what to expect and was surprised by so many ups and downs, I thought everything would follow a straight line, but it was phenomenal! Very cool and inspiring to read everything I read. Testimonials always bring inspiration
and renew and strengthen us in faith.
Our God always has “perfect timing”.

Renata Leite

FAQ. Common questions

& answers found in the book:

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How to take advantage and learn from losing situations in business?

How to do marketing in practice?

Is it possible to undertake with little structure?

Is there life after the crash?

When do I consider myself mature enough?

What is needed to undertake?

What should I not go wrong as an entrepreneur?

How should I manage my clients?

How to deal with relatives in my business?

What to do when I don't have good ideas?

What to do when I can't anymore?

What to do when I don't have clients?

How to raise the level of services offered?

What is reaching rock bottom?

Why should I undertake?

How to deal with employees and their quirks?

When should I opt for a partnership?

How to deal with partners?

How to be optimistic in the midst of crises?

Why consider that it is possible to succeed?

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